The moving statue

Me and myah are going to have a sleepover weekend. Of course you want to have a midnight feast. We actually were going to the park at 12 o’clock in the night I was fine with it. We are going to find a really cool statue.

It was Friday night and Myah’s mum and dad were asleep so we decided to head out to the park now we heard some creepy noises. we found the statue it is still very dark. what was that it moved what I said it moved myah said are you sure I said. then we decided to go home.

The suss brick stick

I was on a walk. I was in the rainforest and then I saw this big tall Stone stick. it had aboriginal patterns it was very pretty. But there’s something suss about it. I don’t know what was so suss about it but it just was. I thought about climbing it that would just be a dumb idea. I went home that night and told my friend about it her name is Myah. I and my friend Myah wanted to go that that night I said yeah sure. when we got there it’s still really suss. but my friend said that’s just a stone stick don’t be scared.

I don’t know where my mum is

I was in my bed room. suddenly a flash of lightning, then, darkness. I ran into the lounge room to check on my dog. I picked my dog up and ran to my mum and dad’s room. they weren’t there. Where are they? I check the cars if they were still there they were not there. where could they be? What The mamma bejeebers is this.Where are my parents then I hear the garage open yay it’s my mum and dad. where did they go I asked them they said they went to the gas station and got some chips and chocolate bars.

The massive mushroom

there was a massive mushroom. it was very wistful. The big sad mushroom just sat in the middle of the forest. There was a rule that there was not allowed massive mushrooms.but the big mushroom didn’t like that rule. The mushroom was alive it wriggled, we had to get it on the boat and we had to move the mushroom near the oar. we dropped off the massive mushroom at a mystical island.

there was some different creatures there as well but I’ve never seen before. utan those creatures I don’t know what has happened but I think the mushroom would love to live there.

The lights went out

I was in my bedroom playing with my fidgets. suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. The lights went out I ran to my mums room mum wasn’t there I checked in the lounge room no one was there either. I checked the garage and the car was gone. I FaceTime to my mum and she said that she was at the shops at 9 o’clock in the night. I called my two friends to say did your power go out. they said no so I checked the power box the wind blew the switch. now I wasn’t scared any more yay.

I was in the park eating me chippies when I saw a statue. The statue was like 12 foot and had a million toes. I wondered if it will move? I blinked and it was gone I got up and tried to look for it but it was gone. I look so hard but I couldn’t find anything. It felt like I wanted to Ching Chong china.

I was sad I couldn’t find the statue.The statue was lovely I was amazed by it and I couldn’t find it again. I told all my friends and we went to the park and it was there again.

I need chips

I was going through my lunchbox that my mum packed for school. I couldn’t find any chippies. My favourite thing to eat.How could my mum do this to me.I was mad at my mum because I love chippies. why my mum was in the shower I stole two packets of chippies from the pantry. I was  meant to take one packet but they look so beautiful that I just wanted to take two. I was doing a sale you could be my slave for the day for one packet of chips The orange haired kid spoke first and I said you got the job here is the packet of chips.

The creature

Hello I have to jump straight into this it is crazy. I was looking for my school bag and then I saw a creatur. It was fast I didn’t know where it went.Yay I found my school bag but I was telling my friend about what I saw this morning.I told her to come around to my house. I finally got home with my friend and my friend saw The creatur “where did it go” she shouted. My mum said stop screaming trying to do a workout mum was in the garage doing weights Mum says it’s just my imagination.