The suss brick stick

I was on a walk. I was in the rainforest and then I saw this big tall Stone stick. it had aboriginal patterns it was very pretty. But there’s something suss about it. I don’t know what was so suss about it but it just was. I thought about climbing it that would just be a dumb idea. I went home that night and told my friend about it her name is Myah. I and my friend Myah wanted to go that that night I said yeah sure. when we got there it’s still really suss. but my friend said that’s just a stone stick don’t be scared.

One thought on “The suss brick stick”

  1. What a good story! It certainly is a very suss tower, perhaps something scary happens there at night time. Try using ‘suspicious’ in the future when writing formally because it makes everything sound super smart. Great job this week, keep up the good work!

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