I was in the park eating me chippies when I saw a statue. The statue was like 12 foot and had a million toes. I wondered if it will move? I blinked and it was gone I got up and tried to look for it but it was gone. I look so hard but I couldn’t find anything. It felt like I wanted to Ching Chong china.

I was sad I couldn’t find the statue.The statue was lovely I was amazed by it and I couldn’t find it again. I told all my friends and we went to the park and it was there again.

I need chips

I was going through my lunchbox that my mum packed for school. I couldn’t find any chippies. My favourite thing to eat.How could my mum do this to me.I was mad at my mum because I love chippies. why my mum was in the shower I stole two packets of chippies from the pantry. I was ┬ámeant to take one packet but they look so beautiful that I just wanted to take two. I was doing a sale you could be my slave for the day for one packet of chips The orange haired kid spoke first and I said you got the job here is the packet of chips.